Monday, March 8, 2010

I Want Candy!

Breath deep, people, Spring has SPRUNG.  Smell the earth in the air?  See those smooth green daffodil points peeking through the mud?  The sun is on a different channel.  And listen.  Really stop and listen to the airplane sound of a beautiful day. The bikes are out for the intrepid optimists.  I'm grilling again.  Usually Mother Nature features pretty heavily into my clay work: the flowers, the birds, the colors, but now that the snow and Oscars are safely behind us, and Easter is around the corner?  Time to think about basket filling.  Time to think about making new inventory and Time to think about CANDY.

Mmmmm...Almond Joy Pieces.  That's right, I said it. Teeny tiny Almond Joy in m&m sized bits.  Of course, I am trying to cut back on my sugar (headache issues) and though I might splurge on these, I really just love how they look and feel.  The bright blue against the cream and deep brown?  So

And look at this pretty chocolate "folio"....  Smooth matte paper, same color family.  It's going to be difficult to eat one of these because look how nicely they nestle together: how could one make a vacancy?  How about a set of four bowls in these colors?  A stack of cups?  

I've started building some sweet treats in the studio.  A cupcake lamp base and some little chocolates for a pretty pink box.  I'm pretty sure I have to make a chocolate with a "bite" out of it...They're not glazed yet, but you get the picture. And no calories!
And if I may be so bold?  Want to see the most GORGEOUS book on chocolate and sweet-making at home?  The newest book by Peter P. Greweling, Master Baker and Professor at the Culinary Institute of America is called Chocolates and Confections.  The writing is clear and decidedly un-stuffy and the photos are droolingly beautiful.  He is so modest but I can say all this stuff because happily, he is my brother-in-law.  And yes, this lucky girl gets to eat many of his creations... Can we TALK about his cherry cordials?

Click below to check out Chocolates and Confections on Amazon: