Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Work

So glad to be back in the mud!  I'm working on a series that I've had in my head for a long time - I call them ceramic quilts.  They will be a framed combination of ceramic pieces and stitchery.  Here's a detail from my first go-around from today.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

This Week's Simple Truths

1) Writing modern, original sex scenes is really, really difficult.  (Please compliment my restraint.  I used the word "difficult" instead of "hard".)

2) Smoked paprika is not good in anything.  ANYTHING.

3) Walking a 12 minute mile is JOGGING.

4) Weight Watchers is the only reasonable way to lose weight.  It just is.  Please don't cleanse anything.  All it does is make everyone angry.

5) Teenagers smell worse when they're in a pack.  It's exponential.  Add one more teenager, increase smell factor by 10%  Add two more, increase by 50%.  You get the picture.

6) Hot tea cures all things.

7) Sometimes, not often, I get tired of listening to other people's worries.  But then I realize that I love these people and they have so many worries that they actually spill out their very selves.  It is in another person saying: I hear you, that the flood level goes down.  So I listen.  I sigh, but I listen.

8) Wearing readers isn't as painful as I thought.  I always wanted to be a librarian.

9) Coffee, popcorn, toast and caramelized onions ALWAYS smell good.  And there is always room for these things in this belly.

10) There is always something to be grateful for.