Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Coming Up for Air. Making Lists.

So many folks out there can narrate their journey on every portal that social media has to offer.  I wish I could.  I can't even put my earphones in while on my morning walk anymore; it interrupts my "thoughts".  (Insert eye-rolling here.)  Where have I been?  Working.  Claywork.  Wordwork.  A new gig as a real estate copywriter. Mommy-ing.  I find that the quieter I am out here, the louder my work.  Anyone else find that?  Head down, lost in the process?  Working begetting working?  Anyone?

I came up for air over Thanksgiving.  Spent my birthday in my favorite place, Martha's Vineyard.  I brought my laptop and didn't log in once. I read a book with pages.  Ate lemon rosemary shoestring fries at a food truck and dark chocolate at Chilmark Chocolates. Hiked the Moshup Trail in Aquinnah.
Went to bed before 10 every night.  Walked and walked.  And it was like coming up to the surface after being underwater for too long. You know that feeling?  When you've held your breath for so long that it's as if your lungs will explode?  And that sweet air at the surface - been waiting there all this time.

Now there is clean laundry in the drawer and eggs in the fridge. I'm back to my lists. All my boys hate them.  Post-its everywhere, spiral notebooks piled on bedside table.  But it makes me feel as if I can see all four corners of my "room".  Here's a little look in my brain/notebook.

1) Mommy/Home (truncated for time's sake :)

submit doctor bill
make appointment for orthodontist
new outdoor table and grill cover
store umbrellas
clean baseboards
bday card for Mom
mail nephew's bday gift
baby gift
return blouse
indoor soccer shoes
organize holiday party

2) Mudstar Ceramics:

replace 365 Grolleg
glaze: aqua, opal and sapphire
roll out cheese boards
make angel template
two dozen bluebirds large
3 dozen bluebirds small
poinsettia ornaments
3 dozen tweets
deliver owl
start hydrangea lamp

3) Copywriting list:

submit bill (yay!)
find American Architecture book
ideas for agent bios
filing system

4) Manuscript list:

check out Booktrope
six word stories
find list of Cape towns
write chapter about faith.

xo love, rae