Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why I'm Crushing on Summer

Don't faint: this week I might be crushing on summer. I don't know what happened. Up is down. Left is Right...

Ten Reasons:

1) Writing on the porch, tucked behind a giant hydrangea bush.  There might be an ice cold Angry Orchard cider involved.

2) Middle of the day hugs from all my boys.

3) Biking in the dappled shade on the Hopewell Valley Trail.

4) No rushing to get to school, to tutoring, to soccer practice.  No rushing period.

5) Reading more because it's just so nice outside.  That's what dvrs are for.  Current obsession is food writing: Blue Plate Special by Kate Christensen, (check out her blog here,) a re-read of Blood, Butter and Bones by Gabrielle Hamilton, and bathroom reading of MFK Fisher.  (Sorry, MFK, you deserve much better than the potty.  I shall move you to the nightstand, posthaste.)

6) Grilled EVERYTHING.

7) No helping with fifth grade math that I am too dumb to do.

8) ICE CREAM.  I'm democratic.  Ben and Jerry's, the locally-sourced small batch gelatos at Bent Spoon, frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles.  It's all good.

9) Always being just a few weeks away from my paradise on earth.

10) Evening walks because it's still light out, looking for owls.