Friday, February 18, 2011

A Small, Good Day

Everyone needs a day off.  That well doesn't fill itself.  After working for three weeks, weekends too, on some larger projects, my body is tired.  Even my hands hurt.  My wrists are clicking.  I keep apologizing to my neck.

I knew my boys were home for President's Day weekend, so there wouldn't be a lot of refilling during the next four days, so I took this 60 degree day and greedily stuffed it in my pocket.

I closed my eyes and reached into my file of clipped articles and scribbled notes to myself.  I pulled out an article from Edible Jersey, on the Lovin' Oven restaurant in Frenchtown, NJ.  Frenchtown it is!  I packed my new camera and I didn't pack my old coat, for the first time all winter.

Walked down Trenton Avenue, down a long stretch of gratefully dry sidewalk and pattern/design ideas were everywhere...

Gurus at Lovin' Oven:
Mike Quinn and Julie Klein

I made my way down to the Lovin' Oven.  Oh, heavenly cheesy joy and rapture: a grilled cheddar and gala apple on homemade sourdough with a cup of spicy tomato bisque (avec crispy homemade croutons, natch) and a pretty green salad.  I was so fired up to get at it that I was half-way through my meal before I remembered that I should take a food porn photo of it.  By then it was practically already smoking its cigarette.  Sorry, folks.  But it was beautiful, I swear!

Read Edible Jersey's article about Lovin' Oven's food and friendship philosophy here:

Next I headed to Modern Love, which houses my favorite kind of mix: mid-century modern style, vintage cothing (damn that sheer fuschia 60s blouse with the bow tie neck that was too small!) and gorgeous letterpress stationery.  Add in some perfect vintage typewriters that left my fingers aching and I was in heaven!  I left 23 Race Street with a whole slew of cards in my cute, stamped, paper bag.

Look at these stylish girls.  I'll end there.  With their hats.  And maybe add in a beautiful cheddar and apple sandwich.  And subtract one coat.  Nuff said.