Saturday, January 24, 2015

So Plant Your Own Gardens...

If you're like me, sometimes you focus a lot more time on what you did wrong than what you did right. It's so easy. We all know how easy it is.  Second nature sometimes.  Berating yourself, maybe even mentally calling yourself names, getting angry at your just being human.

But what if we tried to see - really see - what we did right? What would that look like?  I tried to keep a list this week.  I'm not saying it was a perfect week.  Far from it.  But at least there was some positivity to balance out the self-flagellation.  And guess what? It made me feel better.

What if we took it a little further? What if we did the same kind of nice things we do for our family and friends, for ourselves?  What would that look like?

Here's my week:

1) I chose an apple instead of chips. Twice.

2) I remembered my coupons for Staples. And mentally congratulated myself. AND saved $7.

3) For some reason, working at home felt like house-arrest this week, so I called a friend and asked her to go for a walk with me. The whole dynamic of my afternoon changed.

4) I pulled on the dreaded spandex and kept my appointment to lift weights. This usually gives me agitata, but I flexed my arm before I left the mirror, and damn it if there wasn't a muscle there.

5) I fully accepted a hug when I didn't feel particularly hug-worthy.

6) I patted myself on the back for marrying well.

7) A little cup of peppermint tea goes a long way.

8) So does a hot shower.

9) Or a fire in the fireplace, even if it's just for me.

What right things did you do this week?  How did you take care of yourself?  How COULD you take care of yourself?  C'mon, think.  I bet that list is longer than you thought. Or if not, it could be…just sayin'.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January Morning

icy rain sings a hard little song against the window
cardinal hiding under brambles
bitter coffee in the cup

my hair still holds last night's sleep
i find the notebook that holds last year's thoughts
so different from my thinking this morning

i wonder where those old words will go now
i wonder where the new words will come from
i wait for the rain to fill the well

Monday, January 5, 2015

Prayer of a Sort

Today I am grateful for:

the cold wind and blue skies and tall pines.

a healthy body with which to take walks.

enough food to eat.

a family who loves me no matter what and whom I love with my whole heart.

to always be curious about and sometimes delighted by this strange world in which we live.

to always be hungry to make things of one sort or another.

a hot cup of tea. Always.

bad jokes. Q: What's a skunk's favorite sandwich? A: Peanut Butter and Smelly (HeeHee…)

the hope that lists provide.