Monday, August 27, 2012

A Happy To-Do List: 40 Things To Do In My 40s

Number #13
1) Learn Spanish. (Again.)
2) Read everything by the beloved Nora Ephron.
3) Write a full-length play.
4) Visit Austin, Texas.
5) Eat fresh feta cheese on a Greek isle.
6) Visit Copenhagen.
7) Learn how to make that elusive, acid yellow-green glaze I have in my head.
8) Bake a fresh, not canned, sour cherry pie.
9) Make a REALLY massive clay piece that has to be fired in stages and then assembled.
10) See Mudstar featured in a magazine/article.
11) Own a chalice by Beatrice Wood.
12) Take the kids to London.
13) Have my own hut.
14) Own the Crosby Library table from Dwell Studio.
15) Watch the film Norwegian Wood.
16) Live in a beach house all summer.
17) Build a house with Habitat for Humanity.
18) Visit the Vitra Museum in Germany.
19) Take a slipcasting class.
20) Make Easter bread like my Mom-Mom.
21) Visit Block Island.
22) Re-read A Swiftly Tilting Planet trilogy by Margaret L'Engle.
23) Kayak in the tidal pools on Martha's Vineyard.
24) Watch Twelve Angry Men.
25) Learn how to make fresh mozzarella.
26) Do a walkathon for a good cause.
27) Learn to enamel.
28) Clean out the attic.
29) See the Gaudi mosaics.
30) Stop complaining about the size of my butt.
31) Mount a small show of my own.
32) Teach my boys how to cook.
33) See sculpture from Ann Hamilton and Anselm Keifer in person.
34) Bike from Washington's Crossing to Frenchtown on the D&R Canal.
35) Write an anti-50 Shades romance novel, with a real woman as the protagonist.
36) Spend the day in the new Asbury Park taking photos.
37) Have a vacation, with just my husband, in a Caribbean sort of place.
38) Learn to drive stick.
39) Try Reiki.
40) Plant Allium.


  1. That's quite an impressive list! I love it! Have you checked any? I like number 25 (yes, how DOES one do this?) and I especially like number 30. It made me smile. I have no idea what your butt looks like, but it doesn't even matter: stop complaining! :)

  2. That's an ambitious list! My Mother in law, and my long time friend both told me (when I turned 40) that the 40s are the best years of your life. I'm passing this along to you now, and I can say that they probably are right!


  3. I like your butt, er, I mean hut! ;) Good list, adorable little shack!

  4. I love your hut! I want one just like that with lots and lots of pots with all sorts of herbs and flowers to enjoy. No snakes to come inside or spiders or anyone un-artisic ... yes somewhere just for creativity without the sound of the city, somewhere to unload the clutter and listen to the inner whispers of the mind, a place to inspire gratitude and contentment for everything that's already happened and what could possibly be. I so hope you get your hut in the coming years. Wonderful list!

  5. what an awesome list! if I come to Princeton... maybe I will teach you how to drive a stick! haha! I have one and love it. also, I really want to make mozzarella cheese, too... here is a link I had pinned on pinterest: (hoped the link works, my computer is being weird & I had to hand copy the link)
    good luck on the list!

  6. Thanks, all! Would love to know what's on YOUR list!!

  7. Love the list! You've inspired me to make one of my own, and I hope you don't mind but I think I'm going to add the hut to it as well, 'cos it's something I've always wanted!

  8. Wow what a great list. I am very impressed! I think I would be hard pressed to come up with 40 goals myself. I love your hut, and Lol re No 35. I am looking forward to reading it!