Monday, April 29, 2013

Noticing the Blessings

Being so busy over the last three weeks, getting ready for a couple of shows, my "noticer" went on hiatus.  But I was grateful that it popped right back into action today when I had time to slow down.  Here's a list of a few of blessings that today brought.

  • My young son's socked foot always finds another socked foot under the kitchen table.  It's an egalitarian foot; it doesn't care whom it belongs to.
  • My husband brings me flowers on a pretty regular basis.  Carries them all the way home on the train. (Yes.  I know how lucky I am. Totally.)  I love seeing what colors he picks for me and that they're wrapped in crackle-y deli paper.
  • My older son cracking jokes and the whole family laughing.
  • My jeans fit okay.  (Yes.  This is a blessing.  It doesn't rank with like world peace or something, but it ranks.)
  • Reading for an hour in the green armchair, on this rainy day, with several rounds of tea in my favorite fat mug.
  • A fridge full of healthy food.
  • Walking with my friend.
  • Pink flowering cherry trees and bright yellow forsythia layering their colors in my front yard.
  • A new gold Sharpie.
  • Cracking a glazed kiln load, and seeing bright, shiny pieces staring back up at me.

What did YOU notice today?  What made you feel lucky?

1 comment:

  1. :)
    Love your list, love that you stopped to notice. I forget - oh so often!
    Today? The day's still young, but my kid stopping on the way to school to pick up a small heart-shaped rock :D Actually, my kid, stopping to pick up ANY kind of rock, shell, twig that catches his eye, and gifting them to me :) Reminding me to notice more - like this post! Gratitude begets happy. I hear ya :) Thank you! xx