Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Horns and Having Too Much Fun to Learn My Lesson

I turned this...
into this...
in order to reinforce the frame.

I'm making a crown.  No, not because I think I'm Queen.  (Though I do abide by tea time and a good hat.)

It's to be auctioned off at a fancy, fabulous fundraiser for the Arts Council of Princeton called Dining by Design. The theme this year is called Savage Beauty, inspired by the show at the 2011 Metropolitan Museum of Art show, featuring the incredible genius of fashion designer, Alexander McQueen.

I made these out of Model Magic.
They should be dry by tomorrow,
at which time they will become my molds
 for the papier mache versions.
I've never made a crown before, let alone one made of butterflies and horns.  Beaded horns.  With tiny, tiny beads.  This headpiece needs to be worn by an actual person during the course of the evening.  Thus, all these grand ideas are all theoretical, since I do not know what construction troubles I shall run into, before said construction is completed.  And there WILL be troubles, as I have learned over the years: from my pair of nine-foot, silver-leafed hearts.  And again from my eight-foot wide wings.  And please, lest we forget, not one, but two failed attempts at lamps in the shape of a beehive. There are many more examples, but I guess I just do not want to learn my lesson.  Or rather, I am having too much fun even failing at my lesson.

My tiny pearl white Delica beads from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads are on their way.  100 grams.  Which I think is about 10 million beads too few and will have to order more this weekend.  Oh, the trouble's just beginning...she says, alternately poised between pulling her hair out and rubbing her hands together with glee.

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