Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: Bullfighter and Ornery Bull

There have been years where I've made detailed resolution lists.  Decluttered my drawers and closets, cleaned the fridge.  Lit white candles and smudged sage to welcome the new year in.

This isn't one of those neat and tidy years.  It's dusty all up in here.  The tree is still up in the family room and it's drying and covering the floor nicely.

Mudstar Ceramics is on indefinite hiatus.  I'm hoping she'll make a return towards the end of 2014, but I'm really not sure.  And that's okay for now.  Clay is wonderful, but trying to develop and maintain it as a business, as well as be a good, productive person with all the rest of Life, is all-consuming.  There's no time to write.  Zero.

Resolution #1: Finish the novel.

I'm sooooo close.  Giving myself permission and the time to finish this, makes it seem doable.  It IS doable.

Resolution #2: Get my back healthy.

I've been ignoring my body for a bunch of years now, just to get the orders out, get the jobs done.  All the pain from the repetitive motions and heavy lifting have taken their toll.  I'm tired of my back and neck hurting EVERY SINGLE day.

Hello yoga, hello daily walks and stretching, hello hydration, hello core work, hello my new "Healthy Back" dvd.  Nice to see you.  We're going to be close friends; I can feel it.

As a reformed list-maker, task-master, it's weirdly freeing and sort of terrifying to make only two resolutions.  I'm currently re-assigning my expectations and inviting a new life's pace: sitting in my desk-nook, white cassis candle burning, my "Makers Gotta Make" mug (alla Noelle Horsfield) filled with green tea.  My new Write It playlist is serenading me as my manuscript and I circle one another like bullfighter and ornery bull.

I'll let you know who wins.  But let's just say that my red cape feels pretty good right now.

Write It playlist:

Exit Through You * Big Blue Ball

Whole Thing * Big Blue Ball

Aganju (John Beltran Mix) * Bebel Gilberto

You Belong to Me * Carly Simon

#41 * Dave Matthews Band

Dreamgirl * Dave Matthews Band

Downhill Racer * Everything But the Girl

Dreams * Fleetwood Mac

Spectrum * Florence and the Machine

Everlong * Foo Fighters

Let Go * Frou Frou

Split Screen Sadness * John Mayer

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