Friday, January 14, 2011

I Have NOTHING on Proust: Winter Day in the Life

6:16 a.m. alarm radio whipped up blowhard rightwing wonder every morning why am i tuned to this station hit snooze 6:23 a.m. brush teeth put coffee on elixir of life set table breakfast turkey bacon and waffles for kids i hate breakfast strips for kid1 squares for kid 2 check email make bed new underwear same work clothes as yesterday wake kid 1 round 1 wake kid 2 wake kid 1 round 2 lots of whining coffee coffee make lunch snack sign papers pack backpacks hustle vitamins brush teeth socks shoes hurry hurry bus kid 1 sad about heavy backpack looks like burdens of world on kid 1 kid 2 walk to school call husband on way home sky is hard winter blue pick up cold NY Times watch neighbor jog by in 28 degree weather and am for once glad i'm not the athletic type refill coffee throw load of laundry in apron on down to basement lights sigh at the number of projects in states of undress blueberry acai yoplait and plastic spoon i like eating with plastic spoons pick glazes delphinium bluebonnet ruby red chocolate sun yellow clover green see photo of felt pillow wall and figure out glaze pattern for aorta vase old suzanne vega on real live cd number 7 is some journey finish bud vases now votives now chocolates distressed at early drying time for four lamps half finished one giant one big two small curse efficient furnace only two hands only small windows of time wish there were windows in studio then just grateful for studio at all leave question re adhesive on chalkboard make date for coffee with friend re marketing ideas i suck at self-promotion half leftover vito's veg sandwich and 1 oreo no wonder they're america's favorite cookie seltzer with a red straw 38 special on ipod random finish a new blog archive some stuff throw wash in dryer new load throw potatoes in oven to cook for frittata tonight phonecall phonecall phonecall grateful for friends who get it write thank you note stop at post office then library then school to pick up kid 2 grab mail kid 1 bus cookies and milk for kids green tea for me potatoes out field homework questions can't remember high school math or spanish ill-spent fortune on private school make pile of unread catalogs two mandarins and stringcheese and gingersnaps cmon change clothes sneaks throw wash in dryer load kid 2 makes me laugh for three minutes straight water bottles grab racquets cmon cure on radio sky dark already tennis lesson sign in sink into chair flip through catalogs full of nothing i want draw two fast pencil sketches of stripey vessels inspired by socks in catalog chat with photographer mom at next table watch kid 2 give thumbs up through window zoom home set table frittata speeddemon cleanup honey home throw wash in dryer kids pjs brush teeth reading aah they're in bed and quiet falls over the land episode of fringe with husband he says i identify with clinically insane but lovable scientist b/c i am crazy but lovable and i say hey! but he says hits too close to the bone eh and i realize he's right hot tea more gingersnaps jealous of husband's apple pie he eats with abandon head to bed and double sigh at the mountain of laundry on bed needed to be folded before sleep is possible wash face brush teeth pjs read two pages of book club book before cuddling up in spoon and passing out


  1. Set to REM's "It's the end of the world as we know it." love, love, love this little snippet of life. True, true true. And I feel finnneeee!

  2. Sounds spot on! I am sure I have lived this day...or at least close to it! Mine usually end with glass or two of wine though :)

    Love this post!