Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year, A Full Kiln

Lusterware goblet by Beatrice Wood
Beatrice Wood was a genius.  A freaking genius.  Look at this goblet.  Only the Holy Grail would do right by it.

I remember seeing a documentary about Wood some time ago. She lived to be over a hundred, and was making pottery even into her last year.  What is it about those lady potters and longevity?  Takaezu, Zeisel, Wood.  All making pottery as 80, 90, 100 year olds.  Maybe it's some sort of alchemy in the clay, or maybe they've been "cooked" by those kilns - made 'em tougher.

I spent today in the studio for the first time since before the holidays, and the time away gave me some perspective.  I swear my blood pressure is lower than yesterday.  I am tired in the best possible way.  Body tired.  But I am still excited at the promise of what tomorrow will bring downstairs.  It reminded me of what Wood said in her documentary.  She said she was still excited, after all these years, at the promise of what the morning would bring when she'd check the kiln.  She said it wouldn't be ready to open, but she'd just HAVE to peek.  "Just a little peek!" she'd said delightedly, like a little girl.

A new year is such an exciting thing, filled with such expectation and possibility.  It's a full kiln, not cooled down enough to get a whole look.  There could be any kind of result in there.  We have the whole year to uncover what's in store for us.  And every day is:  "Just a little peek!"

Happy New Year, Y'All!!! xo Rae

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  1. This goblet IS super beautiful...and being "body tired" is too!