Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: DIY Ornaments

The 12 days of Christmas...let's gooooooo!!!!!  I don't know WHAT'S gotten into me this year.  I think I've been happily stung by the Christmas Jujubee.  Buzz, buzzzzzzzz....
Mod Snowflake Ornament
The tree is up (- a far cry from last year's five days before...)  If you look closely, you'll see we're a little heavy on the Star Wars ornament world.  Most of my ceramic ornaments make it onto someone else's tree.  :)  But we're not afraid of the holiday craft, so maybe we'll try some of these ornament DIY options:
1) Peppermint Star Ornament
1) This peppermint candy star is from, the Queen of All Crafters, Martha.  I know, I know, she irks me, too, sometimes, with her pastel-coplored eggs from her clutch of European chickens and her handspun wool blankets. (Oh, Martha.) But you can't deny it: the gal can't be beat for her fabulous DIY-ness.  This little star is both modern and a throwback at the same time: my favorite combo.  Click here to see how this little star is made.

2) Snowy Balloon Ornament
3) Modern Paper Decorations
2)Another Martha special: this snowy balloon ornament.  Click here for how to make these cuties.  

3) These simple modern paper decorations would look equally fabulous hanging in a window as they would on the tree.  Directions are courtesy of Curbly

4) Yummy Hand-painted Ornaments

4)Mmmmm...these hand-painted ornaments aren't even why do I want to bite into one? I'm often intimidated by painting, but this tutorial courtesy of the interior design blog Apartment Therapy totally seems manageable.  

Stayed tuned for more Holiday Love tomorrow...mmmm...cookies... I might even throw caution to the wind and share my Aunt Lolly's Iced Lemon Drop recipe.  But be warned, they might ruin you for all others...

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  1. Love it :) Love the new look of your blog too! I'm almost - ALMOST - inspired to dive back into the holiday-decorating-fray, but I'm done & I'm sticking to it ;) Your ornament is looking awesome on our tree, which ended up being all white & red :) Photos might end up on my FB ;) xx