Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: Recycled Holiday

My tiny Italian Mom-Mom, Camille, was recycling long before it was de rigeur.  She saved every box, bag, and rubber band.  She used the chicken neck and parmesan rind to make soup, put up jars of green tomatoes, used every odd piece of yarn to crochet little clothes for my dolls, drank from empty jelly jars.  I spent a lot of time with her as a child and in turn, today, I have recycled newspaper to wrap gifts, saved the teeniest bit of leftover pork chop for a makeshift cuban sandwich the next day, used old milk jugs to measure out the water for mixing glaze.

So in honor of my Mom-Mom, here are three holiday DIY ideas that cost little, ask little, but add much!

Potato print wrapping paper.  It's a classic.  Can't paint to save my life, but this craft is a no-brainer.  The kids love making these papers, and it makes a gift extra-special for Nana or Aunt Kee...  Check out the how-tos from Bloesem Kids.

Check out these simple, recycled junk mail snowflakes from  Sweet little tutorial...

From this....


The perfect use for leftover fabric or a vintage dishtowel or even a colorful concert tee from a long-ago band which shall remain nameless. (Hall and Oates, anyone? I'm not proud.)  Click to see how to make some sweet and simple fabric trees.


  1. Lovely!! You're on a ROLL :D
    (whatever will you do when Christmas has come and gone?! ;))

  2. I've really committed myself now!! After Christmas I will take a nap!! :)))