Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shop Tour: Modern Love

In this world of "that is so 18 seconds ago," Modern Love in historic Frenchtown, New Jersey, makes us appreciate a time when typewriters were cool, mid-century modern style was de rigeur, and a girl embraced a "pop of color" in the form of a sassy apron.

It's been nearly two years since proprietor Meg Metz, a former manager of an organic farmers' market, decided to take the leap of creative faith that has become Modern Love: a colorful jewel box of a shop that houses Meg's beautifully curated collection of vintage and handmade goods, independent letterpress stationery, and lovingly refurbished typewriters.  Modern Love provides a happy home to artists and vendors like: Wry Baby, Nkuku and Yellow Owl Workshop.

(And here's a tip: after you've filled your shopping bag with all your gorgeous Modern Love loot, mosey on down the road to the Lovin' Oven, to get a cookie called a Buckeroo that'll kick you in the teeth.  It's that good.)

Modern Love
23 Race Street
Frenchtown, NJ
(908) 996-3387


  1. Aha! I think I know where I need to make a field trip :)

  2. Cute shop! I wish I lived closer ;)

  3. Haha, me too! I'd love to browse there :D What a beautiful light-filled space, & all that cool stuff :)

  4. Kudos to Meg....cant wait to get there. I am all for more hand written letters/notes, an art the younger generation does not know exists!!