Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Creative Juicing

I just pulled the switch on a kiln load of all my faithful designs: Hydrangea, Rosie, Tweet, Cheery-o.  And while I still love the designs that have been with me since the get-go of this whole mud-slinging enterprise, I'm ready to develop some new things.  So while I am taking some time off due to a back injury, caused by too many hours at the wheel,  (yuck, OUCH, and soooo annoying...) I am trying to use the time constructively, and do some idea and inspiration gathering.  Try to keep those creative juices flowing.  My big spiral notebook is at the ready for pasting and sketching.

Thought I'd share some juicy tidbits from today's culling:

Happy yarn fonts from Bloesem Kids.

Imagining my little monkey's lunch in these adorable graphic snack sacks from beethings on Etsy.

Anika's simple but striking polka dot fabric, offered at Monaluna.

Katie's Pencil Box

Gorgeous photos, where color and domestic life are the stars, from the blogs of Katie's Pencil Box and Ledansla.

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  1. No to back injury, yes to annoying - gorgeous to all that light-filled photography and colourful inspiration :) Hope you heal soon & three cheers for spending your down-time getting inspired :D