Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Than Chocolate...

Took my first-born to Hershey Park for his birthday (THIRTEEN!) and I knew HE'D love it....(C'mon: copious amounts of chocolate, rides on the Comet, the Claw, the Trailblazer 'til you'd almost hurl, and what's in this hotel room drawer?  Heaven for boys and teenaged boys.)  But I was a little leery.  Sometimes the summer masses at a theme park ain't pretty.

But surprisingly, what I found was a clean playground with mature plantings, friendly folks, and yes, copious amounts of chocolate.  I also surprised myself: though there were crowds, crying toddlers, and way too many rides on the Pirate, I was able to see some of the beauty of the place.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you!! Seeing the beauty through the mayhem, I mean :) There is plenty of inspiration and filling-the-well stuff out there, even in the unlikeliest of places - but the trick remains, always, to take the time to see it. It's my New Rule #2 :D Take a deep breath on the beauty wherever you find it and take it into your toes :) It actually worked, yesterday. But these are New Rules - I'll need some time to add them to my day-to-day ;)

    Happy 13 years of motherhood! Wishing you peaceful teen years ;)