Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013: More or Less?

Yesterday I found this brain of mine cluttered up with all kinds of flotsam and jetsam.  Taking up square footage are definitely important things that have earned the space they take up.  Things like: how to help my kids thrive and be happy, this year's ceramic designs, a new direction for Mudstar, plot points in this piece I'm writing.  Then there are the stupid things that should be relegated to one shelf in my mind's closet:  like why porchetta is the new darling of the food world, when beards are going to be over, the size of my thighs, and why can I not find music in the new millenium that I can identify with.  Writing was not going to get done that afternoon, so on a hike I went, through Chauncey Woods.

There is something about trees, and inhaling the cold fresh air, and the crunch of leaves and cry of crows that always makes me calm down and remember what I thought was important in the first place.  Do I really want to spend 80% of my time on stuff that made me 20% happy?  (Rhetorical.) What do I want more of this year?  What do I want less of?

Less of this.
More of this.
Less of this,
(though pretty sure that's impossible...)
Definitely more of this.

I would like fewer parties where I need to wear Spanx, and more gatherings where this is acceptable attire. 
(Hi, Millie.  You look pretty fantastic.)

And oh.  For sure, more of this.

2013 is brand, spankin' new:
What do you want more of?
What do you want less of?


  1. Your blog is very interesting and beautiful. Kisses from Spain.

  2. :) I can SO relate :) And I was there, too, the first 10 days (or so) of January - when the year is so new and unsullied, and you have the feeling Things should Change - the whole taking-stock-thing that comes with a new year. I wasn't going to get sucked into that this time, and yet there I was - like there is something in the air, with all these people around the world doing the same thing? I don't know. I'm better now, though - are you, too? Have you got the feeling the show's back on the road - but new and improved and with more - if not purpose, at least intent? Hope so! Wish that for you!

    I want more embracing of warts and less worrying them. I want to accept the immutables, like laundry ;) and the limits of time more. Kick against them less. Especially since I'm practising walking in heels, just for fun. Kicking is much more painful when you wear pointy toe high heel shoes ;)
    Big xo to you!

  3. (softly whispered ps: I think this whole music in the new millennium thing means we're getting older... shh - I didn't say that!)