Sunday, February 3, 2013

Changing Gears

Back in November, I wrote about changing gears - giving myself permission to try new things, to stretch, to push into the uncharted territory.  And so I've done it.  Though working with clay scratches a creative itch unlike any I've ever had, I've finally broken down and given myself until the end of March to pursue my writing.  I'm not going to lie - it's been a little weird, because I was in such a ceramics groove the latter part of 2012.  I found myself going from working with clay six/seven days a week, doing five shows between September and end of December -  to basically halting production.  Talk about weird!  Talk about scary!

It feels right to talk about this in my 99th post here. (99...Phew!) Two milestones this week: I have hit 99 blog postings counting this one...c'mon...#100!!  And I have officially written 25,000 consecutive words. (Flu, included.)

I've written this blog since 2009.  I am really grateful that I've kept at it.  It documents a lot of my creative journey, and it is really gratifying to have a record of where I've been, of what's inspired me.  The ritual, the habit of writing this, along with all the work, learning, and growing that I've done with Mudstar, has taught me:

1) Rome was not built in a day.

2) 90% of creating something good is just showing up and doing the work.

3) Making/writing/building/doing creative things makes me feel alive and whole.

4) If the task feels difficult, or even impossible, yet you still feel drawn to do it, and you feel this weird compulsion and propulsion, then it's probably the right thing to pursue.  Go for it.  Just start chipping away.  Just begin.

p.s. Stay tuned for my 100th blog posting!  A giveaway is on the horizon for a lucky reader...:)


  1. :) You make me smile :)
    I love the lessons you've learned. Very true. I'm doing a study, learning to walk in heels these days, and it's teaching me some valuable lessons re. weird propulsions, Rome, hard work and training underused muscles, too. The parallels to the creative (and personal) growing process are mind-blowing - I'm just saying, I know what you're saying ;)
    Love that you've taken the plunge - and weird probably means 'fitting' in this context. New is strange but at times we all need to stretch into something new, something different - just to feel fresh and alive again. Good on ya! And the clay will be there when you need to get your hands dirty - it's patient that way, I'm sure!

    (meanwhile, I'm still waiting patiently to read your play ;))

  2. Congratulation Rae on your bravery! Sounds like a wonderful challenge and I'm sure you'll excel at writing! I especially love the Lesson #1. I'm feeling a little like I've rushed into the making and selling of my work, all with just over a year and feeling now like I want to play more. Try new things, make mistakes! That's a biggie for me, 'cos the perfectionist in me tells me 'nooooo'. Can't wait to read that 100th post! Best of luck on your writing!

  3. Hi Rae- i'm Rachel and new to CC. I really enjoyed reading your post and i've just started to write a blog myself and whilst it feels a bit weird right now (like i'm talking to myself), I think what you said about it being a gratifying record is a good reason to carry on doing it! Onwards and upwards, eh! Good luck with your 100th post. Rachel :)

  4. Wow, congratulations are certainly in order, you were truly brave to change gears as you did. I'm also starting to embrace my different areas of interest and I'm just hoping I'll be able to endure these sort of first steps of it.

    You are so right about having a blog, if it's not anything else it's a very valuable record of the things you did, thought, considered. A valuable time recording for sure.

    Good luck with everything!

  5. Wow, congratulations 99 posts is amazing! I love too that you are trying new things. Be kind to yourself and enjoy it! :)