Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Alabama Chanin's Star Quilt
Ideas for new framed ceramic work are percolatin'….and today's "notions" are from fabric, sewing, and especially the craft of quilt making.

Imogen Lovely
There's so much inspiration for ceramics in quilt making: the colors, the piecing, the folding, the stitching, the designs.  This kind of work is old work; it's been around forever.  There are some artists and makers out there who are taking a modern approach to things related to the home - new ways to caretake their home-life, and they really speak to me, whether that be in cooking, care taking, growing and making things...

If you have a moment, check out the Imogen Lovely blog - Jenn Finn has such a pretty, loose-limbed, organic approach to needle and thread.  
I also am a long-time fan of Alabama Chanin, who, ironically, also has a line at Heath Ceramics.  (I sure love me some Heath tile.  That ever so subtly beautiful iridescence they achieve with some of their glazes…so deft.)

Inspired by these makers and others, such as ones that are documented in the splendid Kinfolk Magazine, I spent part of my day noodling with a little leftover porcelain and some drawing...

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