Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Blog iPod

Watching my kids in the pool is not exactly conducive to building a lamp or glazing a candle.  But it is the perfect time for catching up with my blog reading. I love my blog list - it's like my iPod for the writer/reader in me - a carefully curated collection of my little obsessions.  I am going to share, but I have to say, I feel a little as if you're peeking into my underwear drawer.  No, it's not like I subscribe to naughty lingerie sites or worse, blogs about mental health (ugh).  And though I write this blog (which I believe about 3 people read, my sister included.  Hi, Sar,) you get a little window into my private person.

But privacy be damned!!  Here are couple of my fave blogs that are too good not to be shared.  Just make sure your laptop doesn't get splashed.

Anna Betts at  I want her perfect, quiet but colorful life in the UK.

Heather Smith Jones at  This artist makes charming, small-batch letterpress goods on an antique press in Lawrence, Kansas.

Molly Wizenberg is a talented writer, photographer and cook and marries all three in a feast of a blog at

There is a reason that Poppytalk is as popular as it is. This lifestyle blog has a DIY bent, and is updated daily with something to make you smile.

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