Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Work: Minus One Hurricane

hydrangea vase

Hurricane Irene may have raged this weekend, but her havoc still remains: four inches is too little water for the tub but too much for my studio! Since work is now taking place in my kitchen for a few days, it's the time for getting photos posted of new work.

So...without further off the’s new work! All of these pieces are inspired by this summer: the sunsets on the Vineyard, the blueberries from Princeton’s Terhune Orchard, the hydrangeas that bloom in profusion at my front porch. Even though fall is my favorite season, there is no denying the gorgeous bounty that Nature provides. Minus one hurricane.

lotus candles
hydrangea candles
spinnaker vases
blueberry vases


  1. Beautiful work!! I took one semester of intro to ceramics studio...i was awful at it! I know how much work this takes. Love them all!

  2. You are really good. I would love to beable to look at some-thing and interpret it into my clay. I think you might have just woke me up I think I need to go and blog.
    I totally and in love and in ore of your work, talent and eye.
    Regards Helen.

  3. Wow. I love how you've translated the sources of inspiration into amazing pieces of art. Love the way you've glazed the hydrangea pieces. Very beautiful.
    - Fern