Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marimekko Patterns Walking

My lined tree
Marimekko's Sula
I've been in the studio non-stop for the last six weeks, working like crazy,  my nose literally in the dust, for the upcoming YWCA's Crafter's Marketplace (November 19th and 20th, y'all!)  I find it's easy to forget about things bigger than myself, my studio, my task-at-hand.  So, as with most times that I need a little perspective, I took a walk.  I walked and walked and with my NPR boyfriend, Leonard Lopate saying smart things in my ear, I looked up and out and around.

Gratefully, patterns jumped out at me at every turn: on sidewalks and trees and fences and piles of leaves.  So I snapped them with my trusty iPhone, downloaded them when I got home, and then didn't think much about them.

THEN....this morning...I googled some Marimekko fabrics for quilt ideas for my mother-in-law.  And I was pretty surprised at what I saw....
Marimekko's Tuul

My leaves-on-fence

My sliced tree
Marimekko's Fokus

Was it random?  I dunno...I tend to think not and that there is a bigger picture here that bodes paying attention to.  Reminds me of Gen Xer Douglas Coupland's wise words: "Randomness is a useful shorthand for describing a pattern that's bigger than anything we can hold in our minds.  Letting go of randomness is one of the hardest decisions a person can make."

Here's to letting go...


  1. dunno if it was random or intentional but either way it's so cool and even cooler that you saw the correlation! I enjoy your posts :)

  2. Douglas Coupland's words (reminds me I read a book by him once that I enjoyed - note to self; find & re-read :)) - wise indeed. I think recognising patterns makes it bearable to deal with seeming randomness, at times... Love the synchronicity, love your photos! Glad you took & enjoyed your walk :)