Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy to Be Scared: New Territory

New territory.  Setting out without a map is scary.  I'm not talking about Google Maps.  Or a GPS.  (Aside: Remember having that raggedy old copy of an AAA atlas tucked into the seat pocket of your parents' station wagon? I loved that atlas - it was so "Oh the Places You'll Go!)

I'm talking about doing things that you've never tried before.  I picked up speed at the end of 2011, and now I am very excited for the unchartered waters of 2012 - I want it to be frightening.  (In the most heart-singingly way possible, o'course.)

December 2011 found me completing and submitting an original one-act play into competition, learning Quick-freaking-books (bane of my existence,) and telling people no, I cannot help with your _______ (fill in the blank: auction, fundraiser, party, board meeting this time...)  Of course, submitting a play is MUCH easier than telling people no, but I did do them both!

This week I submitted my Lovebirds Placecard Holders to Poppytalk for their "Love Transforms" Wedding Market. (It's a holder for the seating card at the reception, and a bud vase for guests to take home as a favor.  Can be tailored to the couple's wedding colors, too.)  I know a million gorgeous artists/crafters will submit their creations, and that it's a real long-shot I'd be chosen, but I was proud of myself, just the same.  I stuck to my aesthetic and better, to a deadline!  Thought y'all might want to see some steps in the process:

Wet and trimmed...

Bisqued with birds...
Glazed with turquoise...

Loaded in the kiln...
Pretty maids, all in a row...


  1. Your love birds place card holders are absolutely lovely! I hope Poppytalk chooses to include them in their 'wedding market', but whether they do or not, your design is so simple and elegant it is truly beautiful. And congrats for getting up the courage to submit your play, and for saying "no"-not easy to do either of those things! Let us know the outcome of both your submissions to Poppytalk and the play competition. :)

  2. Rae, these are GORGEOUS! And SO unique! I know Poppytalk gets TONS of submissions...but I just can't believe they didn't feature your work in their market! I submitted this month too--for the second time--and although it's tough to be disappointed, you're right that summoning the courage to "put yourself out there" is a really important step in the right direction.